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Alain Ducasse revitalises Hong Kong presence with Rech restaurant

Rech by Alain Ducasee Interconti HK.jpg

Legendary chef Alain Ducasse’s first foray into food was not a runaway success. As a child growing up in France he would watch his grandmother cooking and aged about 11 he decided to make a chocolate roulade himself. “My grandmother let me attempt this, although I was not up to the task,” Ducasse recalls. “Chocolate ended up everywhere and in the end the cake did not resemble a roulade at all!”

Luckily for the culinary world Ducasse was not put off by his early endeavour. Last month saw the opening of his 25th restaurant worldwide. He has chosen Asia for the first international outpost of Rech Alain Ducasse, a French seafood restaurant replacing his Spoon concept at the Intercontinental hotel in Hong Kong.

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Going for Goyard

The Hardy by Goyard

As we’re half way through Le French May in Hong Kong it seems fitting to mention two mega handbag brands from France. While Louis Vuitton – or LV as it’s known here – is the ubiquitous designer bag label (is there anyone is this town that doesn’t have the Never Full?), it’s good to see Goyard being sported on a few discerning, crooked elbows. Created a few years before LV, Goyard is only just gaining popularity here – as one shop assistant quipped: “Whenever a Chinese star is photographed with one, we brace ourselves for the rush.”

My favourite is not the “entry level” (a snip at HK$6,000!) tote, but The Hardy, pictured above. Primarily because of the feline face perforated in the side of the bag. Not as random as it seems, this detail denotes the bag’s original purpose: “to transport a cat”. How cute is that?

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