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Who’ll get the Michelin Man’s thumbs up in Singapore?

The Michelin Guide Singapore will launch in 2016

The Michelin Guide Singapore launches July 21st 2016

When it comes to the Michelin Guide and Asia, anything is possible, just look at the Hong Kong edition. But here’s who we’d like to see gain stars in the inaugural Singapore red book published on July 21st:

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What’s in a (restaurant) name?

Esquina, one of Jason Atherton's restaurants in Singapore

Esquina, one of Jason Atherton’s restaurants in Singapore

When an email called Sexy Fish dropped into Chopstix’s mail box we must admit to reaching for the delete button. Then we noticed that it was a new eatery from Caprice Holdings, those masters of the restaurant scene in London. The moniker is being scoffed at but let’s not be too harsh, choosing a name may be the most difficult task a restaurant owner faces. The eponymous name above the door aside, names are a minefield. An unpronounceable appellation can be the kiss of death since no one wants to embarrass themselves by getting it wrong and so never discusses it let alone books it.

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