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Brunch spots by the Bay

Is this the best Croque Madame in Asia?

Croque Madame at db Bistro & Oyster Bar



As a child, Jonathan Kinsella, executive chef at Daniel Boulud’s db Bistro & Oyster Bar, remembers his father making breakfast for the whole family every day. “My father is a chef and he was rarely home for dinner as he was running a restaurant so he always made sure to cook us breakfast,” Kinsella recalls.

“He would make spiced apple pancakes, soft scrambled eggs with roasted sausages and whole button mushrooms cooked in butter. When we were very young he used to make us soft boiled eggs with toast soldiers and cinnamon raisin oatmeal, which is still one of my favourite things to eat today.”

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The Nomadic Chef

adrift davidv3-500x454

The prayer bowl at the entrance is a sign that Adrift by acclaimed US chef David Myers isn’t simply an American restaurant. A glance at the menu brings confirmation: the dishes and ingredients are part Californian and part Asian with a leaning towards Japanese. The eagle eyed may also spot a robata grill in the open kitchen but more of that later.

With his ponytail, beard and pendants, Myers looks both LA surfer (he lives in Los Angeles where he previously ran several renowned restaurants) and Southeast Asian traveller. The prayer bowl is a nod to the fact that he likes to meditate and the menu’s trip around the South Pacific reflects his love of travel – especially to this part of the world.

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