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Aman’s Secret Garden

Aman Kyoto, Japan_Original_22335.jpg

Aman Kyoto

Aman is set to open its third hotel in Japan on November 1st 2019. Aman Kyoto is a sanctuary of 24 guest rooms and two two-bedroom villas set within a hidden garden.

Close to the Kinkaku-ji Temple, Aman Kyoto is set within 80 acres of grounds eight of which are exquisite gardens set between a small stream and a wooded hill. Stone pathways and steps meander through the garden leading to upper platforms bordered with yama momiji maples and kitayama-sugi (Japanese cedar).

Aman Kyoto, Japan

Aman Kyoto

Like Aman Tokyo and Amanemu has been designed by Kerry Hill Architects. Each of the guest rooms is a contemporary take on the traditional ryokan.

As with all Amans the Spa is central to the resort. Traditional onset bathing facilities will be available utilising natural spring water that flows nearby. A range of treatments featuring local resources such as Kyoto green tea, Tanba kuromame (black beans), local saké, and cold- pressed tsubaki (camellia) oil will be on offer.


First look at the Amanemu

RS2992_Amanemu - Aman Spa garden, onsen, daybeds and fireside lounge-scr

The latest Aman hotel, the Amanemu hot spring resort, will open tomorrow in Shima, Japan.

RS2991_Amanemu - Aman Spa outdoor mineral bathing pools-scr

RS2983_Amanemu - Restaurant pavilion exterior and sunken lounge area-scr

RS2891_Amanemu - Villa exterior-scr

RS2892_Amanemu - Villa living room-scr

RS2890_Amanemu - bathroom with private onsen-scr

RS2985_Amanemu - Villa dining area -scr

RS2980_Amanemu - The Restaurant -scr

RS2984_Amanemu - Library -scr

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Aman in Japan


[UPDATE Aman Tokyo is slated to reopen July 1st 2020. Amanemu reopened June 1st.]

Bit of an Aman fest this week as news reaches us that the exclusive hotel chain is to open their second property in Japan following Aman Tokyo.

Amanemu is set to open in the first quarter of 2016 in Ise Shima national park in central Japan.

Each of the 24 suites and four villas will have their own private hot spring. There’ll also be two consent bathing pavilions and a waste pool.

Chopstix can’t wait.

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