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Chewing the Fat with the Hemsley Sisters

Hemsley and Hemsley--(None)_A2

Melissa and Jasmine Hemsley on set of their new Channel 4 TV series


The half Filipino Hemsley and Hemsley, former model Jasmine and her sister Melissa, sprang to fame as healthy cookery writers with their recipe book the Art of Eating Well. Their first TV series starts on Monday.

What inspired your love of food and healthy eating?

We’ve always loved food from early on thanks to our mum being wonderful and inspiring in the kitchen. She would make use of everything we had – definitely where our frugal streak comes from – and each meal was made with great care and attention. The more we tuned into how our bodies were really feeling, the more we realised the relationship between food and good health.

This recent movement on ‘healthy’ eating being all about low fat, fake ‘health foods’ which are often full of sugar did not appeal to us and more importantly does not make sense. We were confident that we could make better food than what’s on offer commercially. We realised that taking things back to basics and making it all about real food that nourishes you, made us feel so much more alive.

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