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A tantalising time at the Capella

The Capella hotel, Singapore

The Capella hotel, Singapore

Before I left London I had become mildly obsessed with fake tan. A new generation of self tanning treatments that promised non-orangey, non-streaky results coupled with a new awareness of the damage sunbathing can do to the skin meant that most women I knew were hitting the (fake tan) bottle. Read more

Yankee Doodle Nails


Painting my nails Chanel Bel Argus and wearing a red silk dress for Fourth of July….

A box full of posies

Bailes by agnes b fleuriste and diptyque

There’s no shortage of impressive flower shops in Hong Kong but those stylish folks at agnes b have done it again. Celebrating 10 years since opening their florists in Hong Kong, they’ve designed two beautiful boxes full of flowers. A box of pink and cream bailes or red roses come with a fragrance by Diptyque, those equally stylish Parisienne perfumers. What a lovely image to pop into Chopstix’s inbox on a Monday morning. We can almost smell the scent from here.

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Beauty in a Clammy Climate Part 2

The hot, humid summer, regular highlights and daily blow drying has rendered my hair a fried mess. In desperation, I have reached for an ancient tub of (unopened) Jo Hansford Intensive Hair Mask in the back of the bathroom cabinet. On opening, the unguent was alarmingly jelly like which I’m not sure is down to the product’s age or how it should be but having applied it this morning – and not even for the full, advised five minutes – I can report: it’s a miracle! My hair has not only gone from frizzy to smooth but it’s positively glossy. And it looks fuller – even after being outside where usually it flops. I keep wanting to swish it about and pretend I’m a Middleton.

Jo Hansford Intensive Mask (available in different hair types)

In sun starved Blighty, Jo Hansford herself advised me not to use the mask (even the fine hair version) as my locks were too limp to take it. But Jo, you haven’t seen what a year in Asia has done to my hair. As long as I’m living here, I’ll be reaching for this intensive care.

A Stylish Sanctuary

The ladies reflexology room at Ten Feet Tall

A little bit of St Barths has been brought to Hong Kong at 10 Feet Tall foot massage sanctuary in Central. Taking inspiration from the exclusive Caribbean destination, each of the ten reflexology rooms is a different size but feels like a beach cabana. Think white painted wood walls, light gauze curtain dividers and neutral well padded, oversized chairs. Dragon I founder, Gilbert Yeung’s first foray into spa territory was always going to be a stylish one.

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