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Gardens By The Bay, Singapore

[UPDATE: As Prince William announces the Earthshot Prize 2023 will be held in Singapore with a stunning video of the city state’s Marina Bay area including Gardens By The Bay, Chopstix looks back at the launch of the gardens.]

Five years and billions of dollars in the planning, Gardens by the Bay is now open. What began as reclaimed land has been transformed into a landscape of plants, flowers, sculptures and water features adjoining Marina Bay Sands. 

Bay South Garden, the first and largest of three phases, covers 54 hectares and features two massive bio domes. Both domes are set to specific temperatures to replicate differing climates from around the world. The Flower Dome is cool dry, mimicking the Mediterranean and semi-arid regions such as Spain while the Cloud Forest is a cool moist climate similar to the Tropical Montane region. Both cooled conservatories allow for a stunning array of plants and flowers not usually seen in Singapore. 

Another striking feature of Bay South Garden is the Super Tree Grove. Ranging from 25 to 50 metres high, these concrete and metal constructs have been planted with climbing flowers, ferns, bromeliads and orchids to beautiful effect. At the night, the trees are brought to life by a light and projection show. 

If you have a head for heights you can also admire the trees from another vantage point – by taking an elevator up to the ariel walkway. This 22 metre high, 128 metre long bridge links between the trees to give a fantastic view of the gardens and Marina Bay.

Super Tree Grove at Gardens By The Bay, Singapore

Two themed gardens are included in Bay Garden South, mixing horticulture with education. The Heritage garden reflects the history and culture of Singapore’s main ethnic groups (Indian, Chinese and Malay) as well as its colonial heritage.

World of Plants, on the other hand, showcases the biodiversity of plant life with features including “the secret life of trees” and “world of palms”. Much more fun than learning in a classroom.

Sustainability is an important factor in Gardens by the Bay. Dragonfly Lake and Kingfisher Lake provide a natural filtration system for water from the gardens. Water run off from the gardens is captured by the lakes and then re used as an in built irrigation system for all the plants and flowers. It also provides a habitat for fishes and dragonflies. 

Commenting at the opening Dr Kiat W Tan, CEO of Gardens by the Bay said: “it is a place in which families, friends and communities can take time out, relax and create new and lasting memories. Our mission is to create a distinctive People’s Garden that would be cherished and well patronised.”

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