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You can now stay in Rachel Chu and Nick Young’s suite at Raffles Singapore


Nick and Rachel in the presidential suite at Raffles Singapore

When the film Crazy Rich Asians was released last year the spotlight was as much on Singapore as the ensemble cast. Understandably there was a surge of interest in the locations featured (some of which were in Malaysia, masquerading as Singapore). One of the best was Raffles hotel the grandest hotel in town where of course Nick Young “the Prince Harry of Asia” took his girlfriend Rachel Chu to stay.

Their scenes were shot in the Drawing Room above the lobby and the Sarkies Suite, one of the hotel’s two presidential suites named after the original owners and where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge stayed.

At the time of the film release the hotel was part for a major refurbishment but has now reopened. The Presidential Suites, like the rest of the hotel, have been refreshed by interior designer Champalimaud.

Presidential Suite - Entrance.jpg

Entrance to Presidential Suite, Raffles Singapore redesigned by Champalimaud

Presidential Suite- Bedroom.jpg

Bedroom in Presidential Suite Raffles Singapore redesigned by Champalimaud


Presidential Suite at Raffles redesigned by Champalimaud


Bathroom of Presidential Suite, Raffles Singapore redesigned by Champalimaud

Also in the film when Nick’s mother visits him at in presidential suite they stand on the private verandah overlooking the Palm Court.



Terrace of the Raffles’ Presidential Suite

Palm Court View.jpg

Palm Court at Raffles Singapore showing Sarkies Suite terrace

The suite costs upwards of £5,000 per night plus 17 per cent taxes. Opening rate packages are available until October 31st 2019.

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