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Perking Up the Daily Grind

THE NEW BLACK - Republic Plaza

Lucky you if you work in Singapore’s CBD, you have a clever new coffee concept on your doorstep.

First let’s talk about the striking design. The barista station looks like a stage and the modular seating is theatre style to watch the java action or can be rearranged in groups if you’re popping in for a meeting.

Founder Phoa Kia Boon has designed the cafe himself, right down to the details: the seats have self contained cup holders, coffee beans (more on those in a moment) are kept in custom made, individual serving containers for busy times and the cups are well insulated so they’re not too hot to handle.

Unlike other artisan coffee houses, the beans are not sourced from one single place. Instead, Boon has chosen to feature several of the best roasters around the world for both espresso based and brewed coffee including Singapore’s Nylon.

Not sure what you’re in the mood for? Boon has created a taste wheel, accessed on several iPads, showing the various flavours of each coffee to help you decide

Joining the team is former US Barista Champion, Bronwen Serna, originally from Seattle (natch). As director of Coffee & Education, Bronwen will train the baristas and make sure standards keep up to scratch. Workshops are also in the pipeline.

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