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We all scream for ice cream!

One of the new ice cream sundaes at the Four Seasons Hong Kong

Give yourself a Fourth of July treat by popping along to the Four Seasons’ Lounge and trying its new ice cream sundae menu. There are five to choose from including black cherry, vanilla chantilly cream and cookie; and marinated strawberies with mint ice cream and churros. Luckily the sundaes are available from now until September 30th which should see you through the humid summer.

And for more Independence Day ices, head over to the Intercontinental for the “burger cake”. This dessert on the Steak House menu looks like a giant hamburger but is actually made of layers of sponge cake with chocolate, vanilla and pistachio ice cream. Served with a side of “fries” which are actually doughnuts and “ketchup” (strawberry jam) to dip into. Yankee doodle do!

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