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Luxury with a personal touch

Anya Hindmarch custom made clutch

When it comes to luxury goods I’m becoming more and more of a fan of personalisation – ever since my apartment was burgled and the thieves took all my designer handbags. The one item that was left behind happened to have my initials embedded in it. And in a city where everyone seems to carry the same designer tote, customisation comes into its own.

This bespoke silk Anya Hindmarsh “maud” clutch is perfect for summer brides as you can have your new initials embroidered onto it. With a choice of colours, clasps and fonts you’re unlikely to ever run into someone with the same design as you.

Now Goyard is offering its customization service at the Peninsula Hong Kong store. So if you want to personalise your Goyard bag, it no longer has to be shipped off to France.

And the loftiest leather goods label of them all, Bottega Veneta, has just introduced personalisation online. Have a look at how your initials will look on all the Bottega Veneta accessories at They say: when your own initials are enough. We say: couldn’t agree more.

UPDATE: Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, carried a silk Anya Hindmarsh Maud clutch at the James Bond Spectre premiere in London.

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