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In a flap about Chanel

Chanel Classic Flap bag

Chanel’s quilted, chain strap bag can be seen swinging from more and more shoulders around Hong Kong and the largest, Maxi size seems to be the most popular. But why is it that fashion editors around the world keep referring to this style as the 2.55? I was put straight at a Chanel boutique in Paris when I referred to it as such – the quilted bag with the coveted interlocking “C” clasp is known simply as the Classic Flap, she told me firmly. The 2.55 on the other hand (or arm) has a plain “mademoiselle” lock instead of the double “Cs” – not the favourite choice in Hong Kong where logoes rule. So if you’re lucky enough to own one of these oversized arm candies, ignore the fashion eds and never refer to it as a 2.55!

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